Building Inspections and Surveys

Drone Video and Photo Services to aerial building surveys and inspections on roofs and chimney structures using our UAV quadcopter drones We cater for private property owners, leasehold tenants, local councils, estate agents and churches etc…
We are fully insured and CAA approved our aerial survey can see those difficult places to reach, and get very near to film or take a number of detailed photographs of the roof or building with our 4K cameras.

We offer a cost effective Survey

A quicker solution than more expensive traditional ways of hiring scaffolding or tower
Scaffolds or cherry pickers
No need to think about the HSE - “Working at Height” health and safety regs.
This is also an advantage if the structure or roof is un safe to walk on (prefabricated) sheeting etc .. or has an awkward or difficult access.
We do high level aerial surveys up to 400ft from the ground .You can view the video/photos from the ground from our live feed monitor/screen, you will know exactly the condition of the roof , property we are surveying
Our customers and clients have access to their survey report, and can view the video & photograph’s through our private passcode online storage cloud or we can provide a memory stick, to view on you own laptop, PC etc..
We carry out our own flight plan and risk assessment prior to our arrival on site, to ensure a safe and low risk procedure at the flight location.
We minimise any disruption to any residents nearby, with a quick deployment of our drone, once we have filmed and taken a number of photographs we can land and depart.
An estimated Price can be found on our Pricing page, for a more accurate quote we would need to have more details, location, and details of the service needed.
Contact us to discuss pricing and your requirements.

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We offer a roof survey with photography evident for insurance claims , showing actual damage and estimated repairs needed ( replace roof tile , damaged roof valley etc..

Steeplejacks and Abseiling

Drones cannot replace the skills of a steeplejack, but is a very inexpensive way to view and budget for future repairs or maintenance.
Drones are now used as the first point of inspection and an efficient way to access difficult-to-reach areas for various industrial applications.
Drone images and video can help inspect, analyse and review, before committing to the expense of erecting scaffolding, hiring cranes or deploying suspended access cradles.
Drone inspection can save hours for skilled climbers, pinpointing and allowing them to set priorities and a timetable for planned or urgent maintain

Estate Agents

Aerial Property Photography

We can produce dramatic aerial drone property photography and videos for residential estate agents.
Aerial photos and videos capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surrounding, not possible with ground-based photography, giving the client or customer a birds eye view of the property

Drone Insurance and Public Liability Ins